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         According to the constitution, the WHF is directed by its General Council and it is the decisive body as well which elects President. It is mandatory to have at least two General Council Meeting within a period of every five years, while the General Assembly is to be held in every 5 years.




   Such Conventions and meetings are mostly hosted in venues selscted by the General Council Membres. The WHF seeks this as an opportunity to bring its agenda, take policy decisions and chalk out Plan of Action. Since the establishment of the WHF in B.S. 2037, it has so far managed to host two World Conferences and several conventions and meetings in the following countries of the World:




 1982- New Delhi, (India)



 1984- Madras, (India)



               1988- Nepal



 1988- Malaysia



 1988- Mauritius



               1989- Prayag, (India)



              1989- London, (U.K)



              1989- Germany



              1991- Gorakhpur, (India)



              1992- Indonesia



          1993- Raipur (Madhya Pradesh, India)



          1994- Banaras (India)



 1995- Durban (South Africa)



               1996- Kathmandu (Nepal)



              1997- Gorakhpur, (India)



1999- Bhairahawa (Nepal)



              2000- Mayapur (India)



              2003-  Gorakhpur, (India)



              2005- Kuala Lumpur, (Malaysia)



              2006- Pipara, Birgunj, (Nepal).



        These meetings and events are not just to be looked upon as valedictory sessions. They have been helpful in building solidarity amongest the Hindus all over the world. Nepal has been fortunate to hold the Headquarters of the WHF since its establishment and since then the WHF has so far been chaired by Nepal who so far been unanimously elected at the General Council.


1. General Assemblies


S.N.        Data                                      Location                   Country                    Reference


1.0          2037/12/30-2038/1/4           Birgunj                      Nepal                        1979                                         

1.1           24-27 March 1988                Kathmandu             Nepal                                                                                         

 1.2           3 Sept. 1992                          Bali                          Indonesia                                                                                 

1.3           26-28 Dec 1997                    Gorakhpur              India                                                                                           

1.4           13-15 Feb. 2003                   Gorakhpur              India                                                                                           
2. General Council Meetings

S.N        Date                                     Location                        Country                           Reference                  

  2.0      24-27th March, 1988     Kathmandu             Nepal                                                                 

 2.1       3-5 Sept. 1992              Bali                        Indonesia                                                           

2.2       14-16 Jan.1994             Banaras                  India                                                                 

 2.3       26-28 Dec. 1997           Gorakhpur               India                                                                  

2.4       5-7 Dec. 2000               Mayapur                 India                                                                  

2.5       13-15 Feb 2003             Gorakhpur              India                                                                  

3. Executive Committee Meeting, Pattern and Process

          The First Executive meeting of the Bishwa Hindu Sammelan was held on B.S 2038/2/10 (May 23.1981) in Kathmandu under the chairmanship of former PM Nagendra Prasad Rijal. there were altogether 8 Executive Committee Meetings held under the aegis of the BHS, which are as follows:

Biswa  Hindu Sammelan (037/12/30-038/1/4) 

1st    B.S. 2038/2/10 (23 May, 1981)   KTH, Nepal   Chairmanship of Nagendra P Rijal-Participants: 43 

 2nd    B.S. 2038/7/1                                    "                     Chairmanship of Nagendra P Rijal-Participants: 12 

3rd     B.S.2038/12/20-22                           "                     Chairmanship of Nagendra P Rijal-Participants:39    

4th     B.S.2039/2/29-31(12-14 June,1982)   "              Chairmanship of Nagendra P Rijal-Participants:35 

5th  B.S.2039/8/26-28(11-13Dec.1982)   New Delhi,India  Chairmanship of Nagendra P Rijal-Participants:19

6th (a)  B.S. 2040/1/28 (11May,1983)    Kathmandu, Nepal   Chairmanship of Nagendra P Rijal-Participants:19 

6th (b)  B.S 2040/ 9/27-28(11-12 Jan.1984)  Madrash, India  Chairmanship of Nagendra P Rijal-Participants:11

        After the convertation of Bishwa Hindu Sammelan into Bishwa Hindu Sangh on B.S. 2040/2/2 under the chairmanship of Shree  Nagendra Prasad Rijal, five executive meetings were held which are as follows:

Bishwa Hindu Sangh (040/2/2)

7th         B.S.2041/3/15-17(Jan.28-1984)          Nepal        Chairmanship of Nagendra P Rijal-Participants:34

8th     B.S.2041/10/13-15(Jan.6-1985)     Nepalgunj, Nepal  Chairmanship of Nagendra P Rijal-Participants:1

9th    B.S.2042/8/29-9/2(Dec.14-16,1985)  Janakpurdham, Nepal  Chairmanship of Nagendra P Rijal-Participants:12

10th     B.S.2043/10/26          Kathmandu, Nepal   Chairmanship of Nagendra P Rijal-Participants:1

11th    B.S.2044/8/12-13(28-29 Nov.1987)  Kathmandu, Nepal  Chairmanship of Nagendra P Rijal-Participants:33

 Bishwa Hindu Sangh was transformed into Bishwa Hindu Mahasangh on B.S. 2044(1988). Under the aegis of Bishwa Hindu Mahasangh, it has held 17th executive committee meetings so far. It is geared up to host the 18th Executive Meeting during the auspicious occasion of the SJA. the Executive committee meetings being held by theBishwa Hindu Mahasangh so far are given below:


Bishwa Hindu Mahasangh


1th             27March, 1988              Kathmandu, Nepal       Chairmanship of Nagendra P Rijal


2nd            29 March,1988                    "                                  Chairmanship of Nagendra P Rijal


3rd              17-18 Sept. 1988         Mauritius                         Chairmanship of Nagendra P Rijal


4th              10-12 Feb. 1989           Prayag, India                 Chairmanship of Nagendra P Rijal


5th              24-25 Aug. 1989          London, U.K.                  Chairmanship of Nagendra P Rijal


6th              23-25 Aug. 1991          Gorakhpur, India            Chairmanship of Nagendra P Rijal


7th              3-5 Sept. 1992             Bali, Indonesia               Chairmanship of Krishna Gopal Tondon


8th              15-17  March 1993      Raipur, India                  Chairmanship of Krishna Gopal Tondon


9th              14-15 Jun. 1994           Banaras, India               Chairmanship of Krishna Gopal Tondon


10th            5-7 July, 1995               Durban, S. Africa            Chairmanship of Krishna Gopal Tondon


11th            2-4 May, 1996               Kathmandu, Nepal         Chairmanship of Krishna Gopal Tondon


12th            26 Dec. 1997               Gorakhpur, India              Chairmanship of Krishna Gopal Tondon


13th            16-17 Nov. 1999          Bhairahawa, Nepal         Chairmanship of Krishna Gopal Tondon


14th            5 Dec. 2000                  Mayapur, India                 Chairmanship of Krishna Gopal Tondon


15th            9 Sept. 2002                 Kathmandu, Nepal          Chairmanship of Krishna Gopal Tondon


16th (a)     13 Feb, 2003                 Gorakhpur, India              Chairmanship of Krishna Gopal Tondon


16th (b)     24-25 Jan. 2004           Kathmandu, Nepal          Chairmanship of Bharat Keshar Simha



17th          27-28 Aug. 2005            Kaulalampur, Malaysia   Chairmanship of Bharat Keshar Simha


Brief Information


1. On Bhadra 24th, Sunday - Satyagraha to reinstate  Nepal a Hindu kingdom will be organised under the leadership of Shree Ram Babu Prasai has been planned. All interested and well wishers of Nepal are cordially invited to participate from 6am to 6pm.




World Hindu Federatation, Nepal National Chapter, Bhaktapur Branch is organising a meeting of all the members of Bhaktapur and office bearers of national and international committee on Saturday 1st September 2012 at Sukuldhoka Bhaktapur. All the concerned are requested to be there at 11am sharp.


Virat Hindu Sammelan in Kathmandu

 Date:           6,7,8 Dec 2012



World Hindu Federation is organising a "Virat  Hindu Sammelan" on 7 to 9 Decmber 2012,in Kathmandu Nepal,with the aim  to promote Hinduism world wide and also to reinstate Nepal a   Hindu Kingdom .

We request all our well wishers to contribute financially in Everest Bank saving account of World Hindu Federation

 A/C No.


We would like to extend our hearty thanks in advance to all our well wishers.





Nepal and India had been the Vedic Sanatan Hindu Rastra since time immemorial. The immature politicians made these two countries as Secular States without the consent of Hindu population ( Omkar Family-the largest in numbers. )



Nepal was the only Hindu kingdom in the world and we were proud of it, but the political parties and greedy leaders made this beautiful and quiet country a Secular State without the consent of its people.



The World Hindu Federation is totally against this secularsim. We want Nepal a Hindu kingdom and we are staging protest against  this. A Virat Sammelan will be organised after three months to reinstate Nepal a Hindu Rastra.



Besides this we want India also to be a Hindu Rastra. India has also the largest number of Hindus in the world.It is the DEV BHUMI. The World Hindu Federation is the apex  organisation of all Hindus ( Omkar Family- i.e believers of Om.) and we  request all to support this federation in all respects.,and make it strong and also help financially.)



Important Message From World Hindu Federation


In the recently published draft of the constitution of Nepal the country has been declared a secular state. The Omkar Pariwar are badly hurt after this has been published and the people are protesting against this.

In this contexts World Hindu Federation requests all the members of Omkar Pariwar all around the World to send protests through letters, emails and fax etc.,stating that Nepal has been a Hindu Rastra since ages and it must remain a Hindu Rastra in the forth coming constitution also.

The protest emails, letters and fax etc should be sent to the following address:


Fax : 00977 1- 4200128

Phone: 00977 1- 4200321

Note: A copy of the protest letters fax, emails may please sent to the World Hindu Federation in the following address.

World Hindu Federation

Budhanilakantha Road,Bansbari, Kathmandu


Tel: 00977 1- 4378551

Fax: 00977 1- 4378551






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