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World Hindu Federation Nepal

World Hindu Federation International

Since late 70’s it had been strongly felt  that there were need of an umbrella organization to co-ordinate the activities of Hindu based organizations which were indiscriminately scattered and diversified all over the world.


It was a collective urge to resound the Hindu –interest globally through an institution vetted with the responsibility and authority from all the Hindus of the world. As the consequences, an  extensive World Hindu Conference was held on the auspicious occasion of Ram Nawami 1981 at Pipara(Birgunj,Nepal).The mega event was kindly graced by Late His Majesty Kind Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev.Thus the institution was born.


The Constitution of World Hindu Federation (WHF) defines ‘Hindus as “pursuers of the Vedic, Buddhist, Sikh, Jain, Naga, and other Hindu Culture


The WHF is directed by its General Council. Thus it is mandatory to have at least two General Council Meetings within a period of every five years, while the General Assembly is to be held in every 5 years


Main Objectives


The Principle objective of the WHF shall be promote Hindu philosophy through effective coordination and cooperation by providing common platform to Omkar Pariwar i.e. Vaidie, Jain, Budhhist & Sikhh organization.

Aims and objectives:

  • To foster Educational, Cultural, Social and Spiritual affinities among the Hindus by promoting the philosophies of Omkar Pariwar.

  • To serve and /or strengthen institutions and organizations that serve orphans, senior citizens, disabled, widows, poor and needy.

  • To study the philosophical, spiritual and cultural ways of lives of the Rishis, Maharshis and Saints.

  • To create awareness for the protection of cows and eradicate orthodox discriminatory social practices and anomalies of custom, beliefs and rituals without infringing the basic principles enumerated in the Holy Scriptures.

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President Message

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It gives me a great pleasure and satisfaction that after a long time the World Hindu Federation (Vishwa Hindu Mahasangh ) has started its own web site.

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