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Since late 70's it had been strongly felt that there was need of an umbrella organization to co-ordinate the activity based organizations which where discriminately scattered and diversified all over the world.It was a collective urge to resound the Hindu interest globally through and institution vetted with the responsibility and authority from all the Hindus of the world. As the consequence, and extensive World Hindu Conference was held on the auspicious occasion of the Ram Navami of 1981 at Pipara, Birgunj, Nepal. The mega event was kindly graced by  Late His Majesty King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev. Thus, the institution, World Hindu Federation was born.


President  (Margdarshak) Message


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It is my immense pleasure to know the website of World Hindu Federation being launched in the year 2011. World Hindu Federation is the only international umbrella organization for all the Hindus dwelling on this earth. The system, values and pragmatic civilization of Hindus is beyond any era when it was originated. All the philosophies in respect of mankind and nature are found to be the preaching the Hindu civilization. As a matter of fact Hindu civilization is based on Vedas which is spelled by the universe creator. Therefore, this website can be significant for all the Hindus of the world for solidarity and respect among all the mankind.


I will like to express deep hearted appreciation for this noble endeavor. 






Maj. Gen. Bharat Kesher Simha


World Hindu Federation

Former President's Message


It gives me a great pleasure and satisfaction that after a long time the World Hindu Federation (Vishwa Hindu Mahasangh ) has started its own web site.

The World Hindu Federation was started with the objective to promote Hindu philosophy and to provide a common platform to Omkar Pariwar i.e.,Vaidic,Jain,Buddhist and Sikh organisations.

It was inaugurated by Late His Majesty King Birendra Bir Bikram Shahdev in the year1981 in Birgunj, Nepal. Since then the Federation has organised many activities in various countries around the globe.

The website will impart all the necessary informations and activities  done by the various Chapters and affiliated organisations.


I thank all my colleagues who took all the efforts in framing this website.


 Col. Hem Bahadur Karki
 Former President
 World Hindu Federation







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