World Hindu Federation Nepal

Principle Organ of the Federation

  1. The General Assembly ( Maha Sammelan )

  2. The Council of Patrons ( Samrakshak Mandal )

  3. The Religious Council ( Dharma Sabha )

  4. The General Council ( Maha Sabha )

  5. The Board of Trustees ( Nyas Mandal )

  6. The Executive Committee ( Karyakarini Samiti )


The General Assembly: 


The composition of the general assembly formed by the executive committee after the election of the President shall be as follows:

1.Government representative


3.Members of the religious council,

4.Founder members

5.Executive committee members,

6.General council members,

7.Distinguished life members


9.Life dedicators

10.institutional members/representatives

11.twenty persons from amongst the life members made by national chapter

12.andTwenty persons from the national executive committee members. 


Powers and Modus Operandi of the General Assembly

1. The general assembly shall provide general directives to the general council.

2.  The general assembly shall meet every five years at a date and place fixed by the executive committee.


The Council of patrons:

1. The council of patrons shall be composed of Omkar Pariwar who are eminent and renowned in social and national/international field,

2. The President shall constitute the council of patrons consisting of one chief and other five person as patrons on the recommendation of executive committee.

3. The council of patrons may, as per necessity, provide counsel and assistance in religious, social, culture and financial matters,


The Religious Council (Dharma Sabha): 

1. There shall be a Religious Council consisting of the respected, renowned Dharma Gurus, Acharyas, Saints, Mahants and Philosophers from the Omkar family.

2. The Executive committee shall constitute/re-constitute the Religious Council.

3. The religious council may advice or make recommendation on matters of religion and code of conduct upon the request of the Executive committee or on its own.

4. The issues on religious and social matters raised by a Dharma Guru, organization or community of the Hindu denomination shall be submitted to the Religious council for their consideration.


The General council (Mahasabha)

1. The General Council shall be the superme body of the Federation.

2.  The General Council may control and direct the Executive Committee, Board of trustees and the committees composed by it, and may increase or decrease their member thereof.


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